Magaly exploits Jamila for saying that her reporters harass her: “We don’t use our profession here to act like criminals”

The wick continues! In this Thursday’s edition, Magaly Medina did not remain silent and once again spoke about the Jamila Dahabreh’s trip to Dubai to present her clothing collection. And it is that the ‘Ambassador’ hours before had considered that the magpie ‘sees everything destroy and do damage’.

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Given this, the host of “Magaly TV La Firme” said that she only issued a personal opinion. “Telling the truth is not destroying, she is not a well-known designer, I knew she had a store, having a store does not make you a designer, it does not make you a creative”, said the redhead.

Magaly questions Promperú’s invitation to the ‘Ambassador’

It all started when the popular ‘Urraca’ called the model “improvised”, who assured that she was at the Dubai Fair Expo representing Peru.

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“The only thing I have asked is how someone who is not known has gone over all the names that have been in the fashion world for years, they say they represent the Peru brand”, he indicated.

“I don’t get on with anyone, I don’t have that bad habit of getting on with someone for obscure reasons. What is open to criticism is open to criticism, as simple as that. They are personal things and I have nothing personal with the people who appear on my television show. When I have some kind of objection, I am frank and sincere “, added.

Faced with the wave of criticism received by Magaly Medina, businesswoman Jamila Dahabreh did not hesitate to respond and used her Instagram account to share a story where she pointed out that she would never step on the ATV program.

“I don’t mess with anyone, I don’t talk about anyone and that’s how I’m happy. I will never go to your program to talk about what you want me to talk about, I’m sorry, rather tell your reporters to stop harassing me by saying go to your being to attack the people you hate. I’m sorry again for not pleasing you, ”he wrote on his Instagram story.

Here we do not walk with the hidden key, we do not use the profession to behave like criminals. I do not force anyone to come to my program, he who wants to come, he who does not, there is the door, the street, there are other programs where he can go and sit. I do not force anyone and I do not blackmail. Blackmail of any kind seems to me a vileness, worthy of corroded souls. I am not revenge or revenge, I really do not hold grudges towards people, no matter how much they attack me and say things to me, that does not annoy me “, Magaly stated.

Magaly calls a liar and throws mud at Jamila Dahabreh

And it is that before the affirmations of the ‘Ambassador’, Magaly did not hold and left with everything, because she made it clear that what the influencer said was false.

“What a liar, you think I’m going to tell my reporters ‘tell them to come and attack.’ When I want to attack I do it, I feel I say, critical, and I give my opinion. Opinion is not an attack. Show me a chat in which my reporters say come here to attack, “he added.

That saying come to my set to attack is low. Those show girls are used to muddy each other in a horrible way, they move between the drain and each other they take their dirty laundry”, He sentenced.


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