Magaly ‘hysterical’ with America Hoy for ‘saving’ Josimar’s statements about María Fe

Magaly Medina was outraged with the program America Hoy por ‘keep’ some statements of the salsero Josimar about María Fe Saldaña, and just present them on Wednesday morning. “These things make me hysterical, I must withdraw from TV, they are killing my liver “, said ‘la Urraca’.

At the beginning of her tuned nightly program, Magaly spoke about the statements issued in America Hoy: “A morning program where they say they do white television; they had kept a material where they speak of aggression, of distancing, of fighting between Josimar and María Fe Saldaña “, ‘La Urraca’ began.

For the journalist, the production of this program was kept in drawers for five months and it was only in the morning that it was ‘conveniently disclosed’.

TROME | Magaly Medina criticizes America Hoy for statements by Josimar Magaly TV)

“These things make me hysterical. I already have to retire from TV. They are killing my liver, I live all day smiling; but suddenly I see these pachotas and I say what we have done wrong so that they send us this group “, added Medina.

Magaly Medina cHe questioned that while in his program he spoke about the problems of Josimar and María Fe Saldaña, in America Hoy these aspects of the relationship between the ‘king of salsa perucha’ and his partner were not touched. On the contrary, they ‘celebrated’ Josimar’s actions and ‘pretended to be crazy’.

“…. and now the monas with submachine guns if they start talking, and I think they see my program and what I think, they tell them and you are going to think this way”, said ‘the Magpie’.

Magaly medina he did not want to finish his initial opinion on this subject, not to mention his archrival’s daughter, the so-called ‘Queen of Peruvian television’ Gisela Valcárcel.

“De Ethel if we know why she’s there, she has the biggest stick on television. LOL”, ended Magaly Medina.


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