Magaly Medina ‘blocks’ Janet Barboza for calling her husband ‘penguin’: “Fourth-class Bataclana”

WITH NAILS AND TEETH. Magaly Medina defended her husband, the notary Alfredo Zambrano, for the words of Janet Barboza, who once again called him ‘penguin’. My husband has a name, he is a lawyer, he is an honest, successful, hard-working man. He doesn’t deserve to be called that way by any fourth-rate batclanahe stated.

‘La Urraca’ spoke out for Janet’s statements, who stated that the journalist ‘forgave her penguin’ (of an alleged infidelity) ‘to save her marriage’.

About, Magaly considered that the notary he doesn’t deserve ‘to be called that way by a fourth-rate batclana’.

The journalist took the opportunity to rule out that she had forgiven her husband’s infidelity. “The day they are unfaithful to me… I have dignity, I know what I’m worth… If one day a man doesn’t value me, the doors are open for everyone to go their own way”he stated.

TROME |  Magaly blocks Janet Barboza for calling her husband a penguin (Magaly TV)
TROME | Magaly blocks Janet Barboza for calling her husband a penguin (Magaly TV)

Magaly also warned that she will remain silent on the legal side, “because things come when they least expect it,” referring to the comments made by Janet Barboza.

“I am a woman whom men ‘akilatan’, because I ‘akilato’ myself”said Magaly Medina.

He had no mercy. Magaly Medina again referred to the alleged affair that her husband Alfredo Zambrano had with Giuliana Rengifo during the time they were separated, and she used strong qualifications against the singer for constantly remembering this chapter in her life.

There are women who are so unworthy, they love each other so little that they go out to tell that they wallowed with which, with this, with that. And the worst, poor things who haven’t understood that for a man it didn’t even mean michi. That they are ashamed to mention them, that they say that chapter does not exist, if it ever existed”, criticized the popular ‘Urraca’ on her program “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

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