Magaly Medina calls Jazmín Pinedo ‘insignificant’: “I don’t answer ‘chupes'”

UP IN ARMS! Magaly Medina spoke out for the anger she has with Jazmín Pinedo. The “magpie” insisted that channel 4 is joining forces to attack her, since she is the face of channel 9.

“We are a battle horse, the public recognizes it that way, the battle horse that is in front, we show our faces. Who do they have to attack? To me, of course, there is no other way, there is no way”, he expressed.

For this reason, Magaly Medina mocked Jazmín Pinedo and called her insignificant, since she considers that she only follows orders.

. Television has made so many opinologists believe that they are TV hosts”he stated.

Magaly Medina calls Jazmín Pinedo ‘insignificant’: “I don’t answer ‘chupes'”

The host of ‘Magaly TV: La Firme’ affirmed that those who question her speaking of morals “are not precisely those who have something to be proud of”.

(…) The channel comes to me and tells me it attacks mengano, I say: what? Wait a minute, no one demands that kind of nonsense from me”he emphasized.

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