Magaly Medina does not believe in the ‘surprise’ of the ‘Activator’ to Melissa Paredes: “She will have paid for it”

The “surprise” that the dancer Anthony Aranda made to Melissa Paredes for Mother’s Day became a trend on the networks, mainly after images of both were revealed buying, apparently Melissa’s gift. In this regard, Magaly Medina spoke on her tuned program Magaly TV, La Firme.

(Melissa) She went to buy her gift with the ‘Activator Cat’. We do not know who paid, the truth is that they did quite a performance. So that they can see how people can reach the point of deceiving us on social networks”, declared ‘the Magpie’.

Medina highlighted the information revealed by Samu from Instarándula, to whom the public sent photos of the couple walking with the jewelry bag. “The next day it was as if the dancer had surprised her with a gift. They put on quite a performance,” she added.

TROME | Magaly on 'surprise' as a dancer to Melissa Paredes (Magaly TV)
TROME | Magaly on ‘surprise’ as a dancer to Melissa Paredes (Magaly TV)

For Magaly Medina herself Melissa Paredes the present would have been bought. “Will the ‘Activator continue to get paid without working on This is war? Every time they say that the injury is going to get better, what happens is that they no longer want him back and they don’t know how to tell him to go home.”he stated.

The Instarándula portal presented photos of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda shopping in a shopping center. In the images you can see the “Activator” with some Pandora bags, jewelry from where he precisely bought her gifts for Mother’s Day.

Melissa Paredes had shared videos of a detail that her partner and her little daughter gave her. The former host of “America Hoy” was surprised by the gift; However, after the publication of Instarándula, many agreed that the alleged surprise would have been armed.

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