Magaly Medina on Giuliana Rengifo: “She is desperate for fame and has to sell her album”

Magaly Medina used several minutes of his program to clarify that he has no obsession with Giuliana Rengifo. The host indicated that she and her production ‘supported’ the cumbia singer with Paul Pineda at the request of the notary’s still wife, prosecutor Katherine Tapia.

The presenter of “Magaly TV: La Firme” pointed out that the cumbiambera is the one who refers to her and her husband Alfredo Zambrano in her interviews.

My husband and I are in another reality, the entertainment world is not everything for me”Medina noted.

and then he says ‘oh they’re staining my honor’. And when they stain mine? In other words, my marriage does not deserve any respect and doubts must be raised. Fortunately, those things do not happen in my marriage.he added.

Finally, Medina said that Rengifo refers to her and her husband for generating interest from the national press and thus promoting their music.


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