Magaly Medina stated that she would not hesitate to take out an ampay, even if it was her husband Alfredo Zambrano

Magaly Medina surprised the Peruvian public after commenting that he was going to reveal an ampay of Giuliana Rengifo with a married notary. Given this, the majority of internet users bet that it would be alfredo zambrano driver’s husband

For the revelation of the last moment, Magaly Medina decided to comment, once again, that nobody ‘has the crown on’ before an ampay. because I think that in this program I should treat myself, as I have treated other women who have been given the ‘horns’”expressed the ‘magpie’ in his program.

Similarly, he stressed that the ampay on Giuliana Rengifo It would not be a personal matter, since some people comment that she is ‘on fire’. “I’m not ‘on fire’ or hurt with anyone. (…) (…) because you don’t have to do it “he mentioned.

Magaly Medina assures that she would reveal her husband’s ampay.

During the broadcast of Magaly TV La Firme, the mysterious notary who would be with Giuliana Rengifo was introduced. According to the television program, this is about Paul Pineda, a notary from Pucallpa who has been married to a woman for more than 20 years, according to the documents they accessed from Reniec.

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