Magaly Medina: “Those who hate me attack me with my son and husband”

Magaly medina claimed that he descended into the drain when responding to Aída Martínez, who got involved with her son and if she suggests, as she hinted in a video posted on social networks, that her husband Alfredo Zambrano He is unfaithful to him, as he would act as a lawyer.

Anything about that chick I won’t say anything anymore. I think my audience deserves an apology for having gone down the drain when I answer him, I choose my enemies, but I lost my sanity because he messed with my son, so I’m going to leave him there, but it will be the law that decides. My husband is not a belligerent person, he is not aggressive, but when he feels that he is being defamed, he is a lawyer and reacts as such, I cannot contain him nor can I get involved, that will be up to him. Although my husband does not follow what happens in show business, as a public figure, controversial that I am, he knows that many cowardly people who have nothing against me will try to hit me with the people I love, who are my son and husband, but That does not harm me because it is part of what people want, to throw me mud because everything they say is a lot of lies. I’m not going to give people the privilege of getting angry, “he said..

Doesn’t your husband take for granted?

My husband doesn’t read a lot of show business, I tell him things. He, by his profession, is very focused on the political and economic issues that our country is going through, what’s more, he has a chat where he shares reports and news on these issues.

Changing the subject, have you already renewed your contract with ATV?

Not yet, I’m just traveling to Miami at the end of the month to see that situation. Right now I just want the (summer) vacation to come to recharge.

Aída Martínez dedicated a monologue full of bad words and rudeness against the journalist Magaly Medina on her Instagram account where she spoke about her sobre his travels and his next marriage to Adolfo Carrasco, however, I did it by uttering profanity and flatness against the ‘Urraca’.

I have seen the miserable, very uninformed character of Magaly medina about my marriage: Who is Adolfo Carrasco? Who is it Aída Martinez? What do you work on? What the .. do they care about that? The report of Magaly it’s about shitting … To make us look like a pair of losers ”, said the characata.

But everything did not stop there, Aida rated the report issued in Magaly medina as a ‘shit report …’ and challenged her to continue doing this kind of ‘reporting because she will continue to be happy’.

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