Magaly on Renzo Schuller: “He was always the shadow of Gian Piero Díaz”

Magaly Medina referred this Monday to the entry of Renzo Schuller as driver of This is war, next to Johanna San Miguel and representing the ‘Combatientes’, a team he led when ‘Combate’ was broadcast on ATV.

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“Renzo and Gian Piero Díaz animated Combate for a long time, but Renzo Schuller was always a shadow of Gian Piero. Let’s say that the one with the greatest development, the greatest presence was Gian Piero. Renzo was like a second, like a support in other things but not only, “said the magpie.

In that sense, he assured that until now he has not seen any work by the new host of Esto es Guerra to qualify him as a great animator.

TROME - Magaly on Renzo Schuller:
Urraca referred to Renzo Schuller’s recent entry into Esto es Guerra. She assured that until now he has not seen greater qualities as an entertainer and compared him to Gian Piero Díaz.


Renzo Schuller was presented this Monday as the new driver of EEG, after María Pía Copello left the program last Friday. During his admission, the actor also highlighted that he is also in the program to celebrate 12 years of Combate.

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“I wanted to be part of these ten years of Esto es Guerra and raise the name of Combate because we will always say it, Combate is Bacán”, he said excitedly.

Johanna San Miguel, true to form, he asked why they took the defunct ATV competition show off the air. “I am going to answer you with total honesty, as characterizes me. We started a long time ago, with Mathías Brivio, along the way EEG appeared. Combate always led until a point where Esto es Guerra surpassed him”, recognized Renzo Shuller.

The popular “chata” faced her new partner again and asked him about the reasons for his fall in audiences. “While we asked for iron and beams to build a metallic structure, they gave us three pins and a match. That happened and here it was not like that”said Renzo Schuller.

He also congratulated the production of EEG and the production of Combat ‘at the time‘. “The production of Esto es Guerra is impeccable and I imagine that I will realize it and learn a little more, but one of the things that I know very well about Combate is that it has soul, heart and life”he added.

Renzo Schuller became the new duo of Johanna San Miguel in 'Esto es Guerra'
The war started! After the departure of María Pía Copello from the reality show ‘Esto es Guerra’, Renzo Schuller became the new duo of Johanna San Miguel in the leadership of the popular television program, he will also have to defend the colors of the ‘Combatientes’ this season for the 10 years of ‘This is War’. (Source: America TV)


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