Magaly on the alleged breakup of Claudio Pizarro and his wife: “We have more information about what could have caused this separation”

The program Magaly TV signs her yesterday presented a report where they reveal that the ex-soccer player of the Peruvian national team, Claudio pizarro, would have ended his marriage with his still wife Karla Salcedo, whom he married in 1999.

Magaly showed that Claudio Pizarro and Karla Salcedo no longer follow each other through their social networks on Instagram and that did not stop there, because the “magpie” gave more details of what would be happening in the “Bombardier of the Andes” family.

“There is a news that we have been investigating for some time. Claudio Pizarro, the former soccer player of the Peruvian team, based in Germany, would be alone, separated from his wife just now that he is going to say goodbye to international soccer again ”, advanced the magpie before presenting the report.

The journalist said that they had been investigating the Peruvian soccer player for some time and that they had compared data, dates and accounts on Instagram, in addition to the photos that would show that both are separated.

Not only that, the ‘magpie’ pointed out that he has information on the reason why Claudio Pizarro and Karla Salcedo They would have put an end to their more than 20 years of marriage, but that they are not going to say for the moment.

“We have more information about this relationship, about what could have caused this separation, but we are not going to say it at this time. As always we try to go through the right channels, that someone confirm this information for us but for the moment all the indications, just when he announces his farewell from football, is that Claudio Pizarro has separated from the woman he married when they were two very youngMagaly pointed out.

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