Magaly outraged with Dalia’s “apologies” for a photo with John Kelvin: “You looked like a useful fool”

Dahlia Duran he met with john kelvin In a meeting, where they celebrated that they reached an agreement, they even ended in a toast and a song by the cumbiambero. Magaly Medina she did not remain silent and showed her annoyance in front of cameras.

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I don’t know what’s in his head, I don’t know if he has neurons, a woman who has not yet overcome this post-traumatic event, a woman who has such low self-esteem, that they do not have any shred of self-love”began the television host.

He also mentioned that the Cuban is no longer well seen after the images. You, that day, have been left as a useful fool (…) he is the one who has looked good and you are the one who has been left as a poor fool, who does not know how to defend his rights, who does not know how to love himself, who She doesn’t know how to be grateful to an entire country that supported her.”, commented.

“She does not remember when she came with a black eye, that she had been massacred, raped by John Kelvin, the husband that she had forgiven her several times, many things (…) It was a toxic relationship where she was an emotional codependent on this man”he added.

On the other hand, the ‘magpie’ branded the cumbiambero’s lawyer as a show business marketer. “The lawyer who is smiling knows that this photo will benefit his client, people will have another perspective, another opinion. More than a lawyer, he seems like a head of marketing, head of the public relations campaigns to make people forget about John Kelvin’s attacks”indicated. I don’t want to know anything about herended.


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