Magaly questions the luxurious life of Tefi, Mayra Goñi and Paula Manzanal: “How do they do it? We don’t imagine it”

‘Magaly TV, la firme’ issued a report where the luxury life of three of the best-known influencers in Peru was shown: Tefi Valenzuela, Mayra Goñi Y Paula Manzanal.

The images show the luxurious life they currently have, the trips they make, the party nights, the accessories from well-known brands they use and photographs next to exclusive cars.

At the end of the note, the entertainment journalist questioned the almost millionaire life of the three, and wondered at every moment how they manage to treat themselves to such expensive tastes abroad.

The truth is that it is a secret that we, well, we do not even imagine, because they have a lifestyle that does not deprive themselves of anything, not even good night clubs, good restaurants, expensive clothes, expensive handbags, they shine in exclusive high-end cars , that are not theirs that must be from a friend or friend “

In addition, he recalled Mayra Goñi’s “lean cow” times, when a few years ago she did not have the economic solvency that she currently shows and asked for help on national television.

But it seems that he got a charity or an NGO that provides him with those luxuries, or suddenly he inherited a sum from some grandmother that allows him to afford all those luxuries. In the case of Mayra Goñi, she is lucky as a field, she left them there ”, the ‘Magpie’ finished.


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