Magaly surprises by highlighting the new figure of Micheille Soifer: “It looks beautiful on her”

Magaly Medina, one of the biggest critics of Micheille Soifer, surprised more than one by praising the figure of the reality girl for the first time, who now offers “high voltage” shows in nightclubs where she shines doing Anitta’s step.

The ‘Magpie’ assured that Micheille Soifer had lost too much weight after her gastric sleeve operation, and that almost two years after her surgery she has managed to have an enviable physique.

“There is definitely a change in her musculature, in her proportions, because she didn’t have that butt until a few months ago, in fact she had to gain a little more weight too because she was very skinny”the redhead pointed out.

Although she acknowledged that the member of “Esto es Guerra” looks physically very good, Magaly questioned whether the singer’s new figure is the product of exercises and a healthy diet.

“There you can see a touch of current aesthetic medicine that fixes all that. Now what’s wrong? She doesn’t look bad on her, she looks very good on her, she looks very sexy, very shapely… she knows how to take advantage of her curves, she knows how to take advantage of the butt she’s wearing now, product or not of the aesthetic medicine”, pointed out the ATV figure.

She is messing around like this in the discos of Jaén, wearing a really enviable, beautiful physique, no one is going to deny that it is ugly, that it is bad, it is fine, it looks beautiful on her, but from there to being on a red carpet, there is a lot of distance, to begin with people don’t know any of his songs”, he concluded.

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