Magdalena Andersson: Hidden privacy with her husband and children

Magdalena Andersson with her husband Richard Friberg

Magdalena Andersson talks about love, family life, leisure and aging. This is how the Minister of Finance lives with his husband and his two children.

Svensk Damtidning’s Anna von Koch met Magdalena Andersson at the end of the summer, in 2020.

It is one of the last glorious days of the summer. The sun shines from a clear blue sky and Källtorpssjön is dark and shiny between the trees.

Svensk Damtidning’s reportage team is located at Hellasgården in Nacka, southeast of Stockholm, together with Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson.

She glides accustomed in her kayak with something calm in her eyes. Because if there is anywhere Magdalena Andersson can relax, it is in nature.

– It is very relaxing. This, combined with movement, allows you to clear the brain and relax. And if I have to think about a problem, I also like to go for a walk in the woods, she says, when we sit down for a caffe latte at the restaurant Storstugan.

Magdalena Andersson about life with her husband Richard Friberg

Outdoor life has always been a big interest for Magdalena and it is also something she shares with her husband Richard Friberg. During the summer, she and her husband were out for a day kayaking, camping and grilling in the Stockholm archipelago.

– It was amazing! You never sleep as well as when you have moved properly.

Magdalena and Richard met when they both studied economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in the 90s. They married in 1997 on a rural farm outside Magdalena’s hometown Uppsala.

– Richard is my soulmate and stands for a lot of security in my life. And we have a lot of fun together, says Magdalena.

Richard Friberg and Magdalena Andersson

At the Nobel Festival 2018, there was dancing for the couple. Photo:

WIXTRM PETER / Aftonbladet / TT

After a time as a researcher at the School of Business, Economics and Law and a guest appearance at Harvards in the USA, Magdalena was recruited to Rosenbad as an expert with Göran Persson. Richard remained in academia and is today a professor of economics at the School of Business. I’m joking that an economics professor must be a dream partner for a finance minister.

– Yes! It makes it easier whenever both want to hang out in nature and talk about economic policy. We are “a match made in heaven”, says Magdalena and laughs.

Richard is Magdalena’s main ballpark. Maybe not in concrete political issues, but more in how he sees economic development, trends and challenges in the future.

Magdalena Andersson about her two children

The financial interest has spread to the couple’s children, and now the discussions are high around the dinner table at home in the villa in Nacka, which Magdalena thinks is fun.

The couple’s 21-year-old son is studying economics at university, and the 19-year-old daughter had actually intended to work and train, but is now studying French for a semester instead.

– The family is a safe and fun place. When I was younger, I did not understand how fantastic fun it is to have children, but I really love to hang out with them, to have our dinner discussions, go for long forest walks or just watch Rapport together, says Magdalena.

Ever since the children were small, Magdalena and Richard have shared parental leave and homework equally.

Magdalena Andersson: “I dream of free weekends”

She has always been able to work full time and she does not think she would have been where she is today if they did not share the responsibility equally. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Richard’s support has been particularly important. Magdalena has worked almost around the clock, rarely been able to be free and felt an enormous responsibility for Sweden’s economy.

– It has been very labor intensive! I have thought about work when I fell asleep and when I woke up. We have made nine change budgets and made historically large crisis packages during the spring. We have not had such a major economic crisis since World War II. It is a completely unique situation, she says and takes a sip of coffee.

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Magdalena Andersson: “Happy to be 50 plus”

And in this very special situation, Magdalena sees the benefits of not being a purung.

– I have never minded aging, but right now I am very HAPPY to be 50 plus. Because I was involved in both the 90s crisis and the financial crisis, and I have really benefited from that experience this spring!

Magdalena Andersson

I ask how Sweden is feeling right now. Magdalena thinks a little and points out that we are still in a deep crisis. Sweden will have a large deficit in public finances this year and therefore the government has presented a restart package of more than SEK 100 billion, where the money will go to welfare, investments in climate initiatives, job creation and support for the unemployed.

Magdalena is serious, but it’s not really the economy that worries her the most:

– It is clear that the economic downturn is not good, but above all the corona crisis is a matter of human health and life. It is terrible with all the people who have died in the virus and all the 70-plus people who have had to live suspended for such a long time. These are very big sacrifices you have had to make…

The interview is coming to an end. Magdalena will go to the Ministry of Finance in Stockholm city and attend meetings. I end the meeting by asking what she dreams of privately? The answer comes quickly:

– I dream of free weekends – or if only ONE free long weekend! Then I want to paddle out into nature with a tent.

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