Magneto will premiere on stage… and as a soloist

Monterrey Mexico.- After 10 years of not doing a solo concert for his unconditional royal fans, Magneto returns to sound tremendous, in what they promise will be a very intimate night.

The show that the band will give today also marks the opening of a new show center, Dion Live Center, located in Valle Oriente, which comes with a different proposal in the way of experiencing a show, due to the proximity that is offered between the artist and his audience.

“We are going to give this show 10 years after Magneto has not performed alone, we have only done it in concepts such as Magneto-Mercurio, Join the Party or the 90’s Pop Tour, that’s why this concert has a lot of meaning for us,” he assured. Alex.

The singer also wished luck and the best of vibes to his partner Elías Cervantes, who is behind the planning of the venue.

“We value this invitation very much from all sides, obviously because of the staff in supporting our brother Elías, who has been bringing this project for five or six years cooking it with a lot of effort,” added Hugo de la Barreda, known in Magneto as Alex.

“We hope that this place will be a turning point in the nights of Monterrey, in events that are so close, private, that will be lived so close to the artist.”

Magneto has always been known for leaving a mark, and on this occasion they have been preparing for a couple of weeks to mingle again and create their magic on stage.

“We did a conscientious rehearsal so that if they see Magneto’s show, they close their eyes and see us like they did 10 years ago or better,” said Elías.

They will sing the hits that marked the group such as “Vuela Vuela”, “40 Grados”, “La Puerta del Colegio” and “Suena Tremendo”, among others.

“We are more motivated than ever, we are recharged, we want you to continue to witness this musical history between Monterrey and Magneto,” Elías added.

Alex made it clear that this new dynamic, of being alone, has been very good for them, because during the days of rehearsal they remembered and laughed at situations experienced in the past.

“We kept attacking each other with laughter at the same thing… It was as if we touched a button and said: ‘Ah, this is Magneto, we like it that way’, because we are used to working cleanly and taking care of details,” he assured.

The pop band, formed in 1983, is preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The first step is that the five members were aligned, as will happen from today.

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