Mago Valdivia rules out returning to Colo Colo

The steering wheel Jorge Valdivia He surprised everyone with a Live with his wife and brother-in-law where he talked about various issues about his future where he ruled out retirement and in turn, assured that he does not have the need to return to Colo Colo.

The “Magician” carried out an analysis of what his last steps were for the Cacique, which were sweet and sour, since he was able to show his level, but also, he had to live with injuries.

“I have already had two returns in recent years. The first was very good and successful and the second I came from a long one in Mexico and I did not train for a long time. I was not prepared when I went, but I wanted to, because I thought I could help. At first I played and then I got injured, “said Valdivia.

“I was like two months without training, without playing. It was not what I expected, but I do not consider that I have a rematch with Colo Colo, because I gave him everything I could in his minute. This is life in football. I don’t have the need to go back to Colo Colo to prove something“added the” Wizard “.

The midfielder is without a club and regarding a possible retirement from the activity due to the injuries he has suffered in recent times, he was very clear in pointing out that he was not.

“I don’t want to retire. If a team appears next year, I want to continue playing“concluded Valdivia, 37 years old.

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