Maidana and Ponzio, two historical ones who leave with much of the glory of the Gallardo cycle

The great captain of the Gallardo era, Ponzio, has 356 games (with tonight) with the millionaire jacket and was part of the club in the first stage of 2007-2008 with Daniel Passarella as president, and Diego Simeone as coach, where he obtained the title before going to Zaragoza.

His return, to play the second round of the B Nacional when River had descended in 2011, put him among the most loved by the fans. In the return to First Division, despite not having played as a starter, he was part of Ramón Díaz’s champion team.

Foto: Club River

Determined to leave for not having continuity, with the arrival of Gallardo he became an emblem of the team and is the player who was in all the achievements of the team during these 7 and a half years.

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Ponzio added his 16th title. with the red band on his chest to become the club’s top cup winner along with two historic players for the millionaire team, such as Ángel Labruna and Ricardo Vaghi.

Maidana, meanwhile, is another of the players who, by adding 13 titles, enters the gallery of idols with the most winners in the history of the club with a continuity of years within the institution that dates back to 2010 and that includes having stayed to play in the ascent.

Although he left the club for a couple of seasons recently, he returned to finish his career at River, where he has 294 games and is one of the 20 players with the most games played with the “millionaire” jersey.

Despite having played in Boca, where he was champion and even faced River, since his arrival in the team and with that goal to Boca head in his first superclassic, he became a benchmark that magnified his image in the Gallardo era.

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