Mainz: After Heidel, Schmidt should also extend

After his own contract extension, Christian Heidel would now like to focus on sports director Martin Schmidt’s working paper. “It is very clear that I will sit down with Martin soon. With the aim of keeping this team together. Because it just fits in this line-up between Martin and Bo (Svensson’s note by the editor), Martin and me and between Bo and me “, the Mainz sports director is quoted by the ‘kicker’.

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Schmidt’s working paper expires next summer. The 54-year-old Swiss has held the office of sports director at Rheinhessen since the end of 2020. His return at the time was one of the first official acts of Heidel, who was also freshly returned at the time. Between 2015 and 2017, Schmidt was already on the sidelines as Mainz head coach.

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