"Maischberger" and "Markus Lanz": Lauterbach railed against female politicians

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is a permanent guest on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”.Image: IMAGO / teutopress

Navid Moshgbar

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) often sits on talk shows and discusses current political issues. At times he infuriated party friends and coalition partners there. Just like in April of this year, when he took back a controversial corona measure on the show “Markus Lanz”.

Isolation for people infected with corona should become voluntary in May 2022. Lauterbach announced the turnaround on the ZDF talk show. He would “cash in again,” he said. The “symbolic damage” caused by this would be too great.

For this he received a violent Shitstorm. Now he hands it out himself.

Lauterbach gives free rein to his displeasure on Twitter

And while he’s not a part of the shows, he’s probably following them. On Tuesday evening, the discussion rounds apparently made him mad.

But what exactly was the problem?

Specifically, it is about the statements of two guests: Left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht sat in the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”. Alice Weidel (AfD) was a guest on the ARD program “Maischberger”. Her attitude enraged Lauterbach.

As a permanent Twitterer, the politician could not contain his displeasure:

“Sarah Wagenknecht says at Markus #Lanz that she would not deliver weapons to Ukraine and would accept gas from Putin. I no longer see any difference to the ‘attitude’ of the AfD. Morally, in the face of Putin’s terror against all democrats, this is a declaration of bankruptcy. “

Sahra Wagenknecht’s statements have repeatedly triggered sharp criticism and also caused resentment in her own party. According to “taz“report demanded that she should no longer give speeches in Parliament.

The presenter Markus Lanz also attacked his guest for her rhetoric at the end of the show: He accused Wagenknecht of a “derogatory AfD sound”.

Lauterbach railed against Weidel and Wagenknecht: “Disgrace”

Meanwhile, Lauterbach also followed the political talk on ARD. In a second tweet he wrote: “On the other channel with Sandra Maischberger, Ms. Weidel says the same thing almost literally.”

The Minister of Health also dished out against them:

“You want normal economic relations with Russia immediately. In your opinion, our arms deliveries will provoke the world war. Weidel and Wagenknecht are a disgrace to our parliament.”

For the SPD politician, the demands of the two politicians are apparently unbearable.

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