Maju Mantilla and her harsh message to Magaly Medina after criticism for “bothering” Susy Díaz

In the recent broadcast this Wednesday, June 22, of “On everyone’s lips”, Maju Mantilla took a few minutes to respond to criticism Magaly Medina. As it is recalled, the ATV figure questioned the America Television program for having bothered Susy Díaz when she was her guest to talk about Flor Polo’s accusations of aggression against Néstor Villanueva.

The first to send a message to Magaly Medina It was Ricardo Rondón, who asked the journalist to control her qualifications. And after hearing it, Maju Mantilla intervened to highlight that the program in which she works always treats her guests with respect, whether they are artists or non-public people.

“We are a family program and we have addressed the problems of the artists at all times and we also receive unknown people and we always treat them with respect and empathy because they deserve it”, he said at the beginning.

“For me, insults, insults and disqualifications seem like a desperate practice of a communicator, a journalist or a person who is in charge of a program”, added in clear reference to Magaly Medina.

Before ending the topic, the ex-beauty queen assured that she will not go to talk with the figure of ATV. “It’s not an option on my part and you’re never going to get that as an answer on my part. I am not going to enter this game because I am going to respect everyone ”, concluded.

Maju Mantilla responds to Magaly Medina

What did Ricardo Rondón say to Magaly Medina?

After Magaly Medina called him a hypocrite, misogynist and “monkey with a machine gun”, Ricardo Rondón did not hesitate to answer him directly. In addition, he assured that he never insulted Magaly as she has stated on her program.

“That I remember dear Magaly, I have never lacerated your dignity as a woman and I have never referred to you as a mother because I have always emphasized that you are a lady first and that I have to criticize your role in a television program”, started saying.

“In Boca de Todos it is a program that offers entertainment and when at some point we have had an excess, we have apologized for the case, but from there to calling us misogynists that seems impolite to me because it is as if I were telling you that you suffer from misandria , it is said of people who hate men”, he added.

Likewise, Rondón was encouraged to publicly apologize to Magaly if at any time she said something negative to her. “If I was wrong, if at any time my memory is failing me and I referred to you, excuse me, Magaly Medina, I tell you publicly, I am a gentleman and I apologize. If you prove that, you can take it out. If you take something out, I apologize in advance.”

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Rodrigo González Peluchín attacks Mirella Paz for criticizing Magaly Medina. Video: Instagram

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