Make it a party! Colo Colo can receive Universidad Católica without capacity restrictions in the Monumental Stadium

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El Cacique will return to the ring in the National Championship against UC, where he hopes that the results will be given to reach the title in a Monumental Stadium that can be filled to the brim.

Colo Colo can live a party before the Catholic University
© William SalazarColo Colo can live a party before the Catholic University

The capacity limitations by the health authority was an issue that mobilized all of national football. Thus, after months of campaigning where Colo Colo took the flags, the criteria changed and more fans were allowed in sports venues.

With the relaxation of the measures, the Cacique was able to receive more fans in his house until completing 85% of the total capacity of the Macul colossus. In this way, in the match played against the Spanish Union, more than 30 thousand souls attended the Monumental Stadium to watch the Albos win by 4 to 0.

But everything can be better. It is that, at the beginning of this month, the Government announced that the Metropolitan Region advances of phase, moving to a stage of “low health impact”. This means that massive events such as concerts or football matches will not have a capacity limit, so the Monumental will be able to accommodate more fans to witness what the Albos title could be.

Of course, not everything is said. Since, although there will be no limits due to health issues, the Presidential Delegation together with Estadio Seguro and Carabineros can set a maximum capacity. In fact, despite the fact that the Pedrero venue has a total capacity of almost 47,000 spectators, the soccer authorities have registered a total of 43,000 fans.

In this way, it is expected that Black and White request the maximum capacity for the transcendental meeting. After obtaining the answer and with a clearer picture, the tickets will go on sale for a meeting that, in any case, will be Class A, so the prices will be modified and will be similar to the values ​​that existed before the Hispanics.

Colo Colo and Universidad Católica will meet on Sunday, October 2, starting at 3:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium. You can find the details LIVE and ONLINE through

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