Makes film about King Harald and Queen Sonja

The Norwegian Film Institute announces this in a press release on Thursday.

“Director Vibeke Idsøe and Paradox will make the film Harald & Sonja – the incredible story of Norway’s royal couple, and their nine-year struggle to get married”, it is written in the press release.

An incredible love story

This is the first time the story of the royal couple is shown on film. NFI director Kjersti Mo has strong faith that this will be a success.

– The story of how the then Crown Prince Harald found and fought for the love of Sonja Haraldsen is not only an important part of Norwegian history, it is also an incredible love story that will touch both those who remember the story from their youth, and they hear about it for the first time , she writes in the press release.

Gets 12 million in support

The film receives NOK 12 million in grants through the NFI’s marketing scheme.

According to NFI, there were a total of nine applicants in this grant round, where a panel assesses which of the films has the greatest potential for high ticket sales in cinemas.

The film is produced by Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B. Kvae and Thea Røhr Østvold in Paradox, and directed by Vibeke Idsøe, known for “Jakten på nyresteinen”, “37 and a half” and most recently “Løvekvinnen” from 2016.

A story that engaged an entire nation

The royal couple became known at the age of 22, but the road to becoming lovers was long. This year they have been married for 52 years, 30 of them as king and queen of Norway.

Queen Sonja was a woman of the people, which created divisions in the royal house, the government and engaged the Norwegian people.

In 1968, after keeping his love hidden for nine years, came the news of the engagement.

The film will deal with much of what was going on behind the scenes at that time.

“Everyone had an opinion about Sonja and Harald. The political game and drama that took place behind the scenes, the populism against Sonja and her family, the hard work of the media, the monarch who is faced with an impossible choice, and at the center of it all two young people who are fighting for love, “it is written.

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