Makita: Top 10 Best Selling Black Friday Discount Deals

In addition to Bosch Professional, Makita is one of the favorites of do-it-yourselfers and professional craftsmen in Germany. Makita cordless screwdrivers, impact wrenches, jigsaws and other tools are characterized by top quality, excellent workmanship and a long service life. You can tell Makita devices have more than 100 years of experience of the manufacturer. Of course, this special quality has its price, but during the Black Friday week at Amazon you can buy selected power tools with some very high discounts. It is also nice that the goods can be subjected to a particularly extensive test thanks to the return policy that has been extended until January 31, 2023. Shortly before the end of the mega discount campaign (November 28, 2022, (11:59 p.m.) we asked ourselves: Which Makita Black Friday offers are the most popular? So we looked at Amazon’s sales statistics and the top 10 best-selling Makita tools put together Unsurprisingly, there are two 18V batteries included, because a special feature of Makita is that this battery can be used with over 380 18V cordless tools, so you don’t need a separate battery for each tool. Since the Makita range on Amazon is large, we looked for other attractive discount deals in addition to the top 10 – and found them!

Makita Top 10: The best-selling discount offers on Black Friday 2022 at Amazon

Makita battery, drill driver, jigsaw: The top 10 best-selling offers on Black Friday are diverse. If you look at the discounts, it is not surprising that these deals are particularly popular. With many items you can save over 40% compared to the original price, with some even more than 50%. Thanks to the return policy extended by Amazon until January 31, 2023, the devices can be subjected to a particularly extensive test. Important: Prices and availability are subject to change at any time. Black Friday week at Amazon runs until November 28, 2022 (11:59 p.m.).

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Makita: Discount offers for Amazon Black Friday 2022 at a glance

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the Makita Top 10, we have put together further discount offers for the Amazon Black Friday week. In addition to Makita 18V battery, impact wrench, jigsaw or circular saw, you can also buy cordless angle grinders, tool sets, chainsaws, cordless radios or hammer drills, some of which are much cheaper.

Makita battery 18V & charger at Black Friday 2022 at Amazon

If you are looking for a suitable, original Makita 18V battery for Makita tools such as cordless chainsaws, impact wrenches, jigsaws or angle grinders, you can dust off some great discounts with the Black Friday 2022 offers. You can also buy a Makita battery charger much cheaper now.

Buy much cheaper at Amazon on Black Friday 2022: Makita 18V battery and charger

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Makita cordless screwdriver (drill driver, impact driver, combi driver) and combi hammer at Black Friday 2022 at Amazon

If you want to buy high-quality, durable tools for the hobby room, construction site or car workshop on Black Friday 2022, you can benefit from great price reductions at Amazon. There are discounts of 40% and more on Makita cordless screwdrivers (drill drivers, impact drivers, impact drivers) and combination hammers! And thanks to the extended right of return, you can easily test a Makita cordless screwdriver at the online retailer.

Buy much cheaper from Amazon for Black Friday 2022: Makita 18V cordless screwdriver (drill driver, impact wrench, impact drill) & combi hammer

The current bestsellers at the Amazon Black Friday Week:

Makita cordless jigsaw, hand-held circular saw, pendulum jigsaw & Co. at m Black Friday 2022 with high discounts at Amazon

At Black Friday 2022 you can not only buy a Makita cordless screwdriver or 18V combination hammer from Amazon with high discounts. Even if you are looking for a high-quality cordless chainsaw, hand-held circular saw or jigsaw from Makita, you can now save a hundred or two at the online retailer thanks to price reductions of well over 40%! The same applies here: if you want to put the power tool to the test, you have the opportunity to do so thanks to the extended right of return until January 31, 2023.

Buy much cheaper at Amazon on Black Friday 2022: Makita cordless chainsaw, pendulum jigsaw or hand-held circular saw

  • Cordless chainsaw 18V DUC254Z 231.25€ (-14%)
  • Cordless hand-held circular saw 18V DHS680Z 57 mm 187.87€ (-37%)
  • JR3051TK 30mm Reciprocating Saw 117.74€ (-32%)
  • Plunge saw SP6000J1 with guide rail €394.99 (-33%)
  • Cordless jigsaw Solo 18V DJV180 €132.55 (-41%)
  • Cordless pendulum jigsaw 18V DJV182Z 3.5 rpm 184.82€ (-39%)
  • Cordless pendulum jigsaw 18V DJV181RT1J 3.5 rpm. + battery 5.0 Ah + charger 345.04€ (-38%)
  • Cordless multifunction tool 18V for sawing, cutting and grinding 118.99€ (-34%)

Makita cordless angle grinder, planer, router & rotary cutter at Black Friday 2022 with big discounts at Amazon

Amazon not only mills some of the prices for Makita cordless, cordless screwdrivers or jigsaws. Powerful discounts can also be scooped up for Black Friday 2022 on cordless angle grinders, planers, routers and rotary cutters. Important: Prices and availability can change at any time – test the device thanks to the 30-day right of return.

Much cheaper on Amazon for Black Friday 2022: Makita angle grinders, cordless planers, routers & Co.

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Makita cordless compressor, radio & Co. at Black Friday 2022 at Amazon with high discounts

In addition to Makita jigsaws, cordless screwdrivers or hand-held circular saws, there are other Makita devices on Black Friday 2022 where Amazon has turned the price screw. You can now buy a Makita 18V cordless vacuum cleaner just as cheaply as cordless compressors, hedge trimmers, construction site radios or cordless coffee machines. Prices and availability are subject to change at any time.

Much cheaper at Amazon on Black Friday 2022: Makita cordless leaf blowers/leaf vacuums, radio & co.

Black Friday 2022 Makita Tool Accessories With Big Discounts At Amazon

If you are looking for the right accessories for your Makita cordless screwdriver or hammer drill, you will also find great special offers on Amazon for Black Friday 2022. Several bits & drill sets are offered at reduced prices.

Buy with a discount on Amazon: Makita Bit & Drill Set and Tool Set

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In addition to tools from Makita such as 18V cordless screwdrivers, impact wrenches or jigsaws, there are tons of top offers on Black Friday 2022 in our daily updated Daily deals: Graphics cards, mainboards, gaming monitors, gaming mice, gaming chairs, televisions, gaming highlights and many other products for PC, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo players from Amazon, Media Markt and Co. are often greatly reduced prices. But we also present selected hardware store bargains every day in the Daily deals.

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