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Malice: Prince Harry’s tell-all book to be renamed

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From: Annemarie Goebel

Royal expert Tom Bower disapproves of the fact that Prince Harry exposes his father King Charles. He defends the monarch and evicts Harry.

London – That King Charles III (74) is portrayed as cold and callous just so his youngest son Prince Harry, 38, can continue to sell his memoirs, deeply displeases “Revenge” biographer and former BBC journalist Tom Bower, 76. The Duke of Sussex met with trauma therapist Gabor Maté (79) for a chat as part of a campaign for his book Spare, which he described as “continuing my journey into mental health.” – Interested parties could participate in the live stream for 20 euros per ticket.

“He portrayed his father as a cold, callous man,” says Tom Bower indignantly

In the usual rough choice of words, Bower vents his anger. “In the shameless self-infatuation of a spoiled rich man of epic proportions, Harry asserted that self-compassion must be the priority,” he fumes The Sun. Pumped up with self-pity and a thirst for publicity, the media-addicted prince can’t seem to survive without constantly whining about his misery on TV and radio, Bower continues. He monetizes his victimhood in an ongoing smear campaign against his family, Bower accuses the Duke, he fumes.

Bower cannot understand why Prince Harry was working with a foreign company to harm the royals on the eve of his father’s coronation. The author means Harry’s US publisher Random House, who recommended the live stream to the prince. In the interview, Harry explained that his decision to undergo therapy was due to the tragic accidental death of his mother Princess Diana (36, † 1997), which he never got over at the age of 12. He grew up in a broken family, he reflected to Maté. Bower sounds different: Harry denies his privileged life and claims to have been abandoned by his family as a child.

Who is Gabor Maté?

Gabor Maté is a Hungarian-Canadian author, lecturer and physician. Mr. Maté has over 20 years of experience in the field of addiction and mental illness. The renowned addiction specialist has also dealt extensively with stress and the development of children. His books are devoted to the soul, addiction, hidden stress and attention deficit.

He has been awarded the City of Vancouver Civic Merit Award and the Order of Canada, respectively for his work on addiction and mental health.

“Spare” should be renamed “Spite”, Bower demands

To align himself in the language, he would have Princess Kate (41), brother Prince William (40), Charles III. and probably even Camilla (75) also suggested therapy, Harry explained to the addiction doctor. Incidentally, the former BBC man does not leave good hair on Gabor Maté either. Bower: Obsessed with Diana’s death, he suspects Harry would be an invaluable asset to Maté. “Maté, considered by many to be a weird quack, can’t believe his luck at being a celebrity alongside a global star.” “His devastating conclusion is that “Spare” should be renamed to “Spite”.

Prince Harry presented himself in an open question and answer session in conversation with doctor Gabor Maté (photomontage).
Prince Harry presented himself in an open question and answer session in conversation with doctor Gabor Maté (photomontage). © Stephen Lock/Imago & Screenshot @princeharrymemoir.com

Tom Bower thinks Charles acted “boldly” in kicking him out of Frogmore Cottage, saying it would be tantamount to a de facto ban from returning: “The King has drawn a line”. Bower noted the fall in popularity of the Sussexes in America as well as the cruel mockery in the TV cartoon satire South Park. “Few can now expect Prince Harry to be present at the coronation‘ the biographer assumes. Sources used: thesun.co.uk

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