Maligned royals show up near Elizabeth’s coffin – viewers outraged: "Disgusting"

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The British have been queuing for hours: “She meant extremely much to the country”

After the commercial: The British have been queuing for hours: “She meant extremely much to the country”


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Spain’s former king Juan Carlos, 84, was forced to flee the country after the scandal with mistress Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, 58, came to light.

Nowadays he is said to be living in exile in Abu Dhabi, but the incident with Corinnan is still relevant. Between 2004 and 2009, Corinna was the then king’s secret lover, which she told in a BBC interview in 2020. Apart from that, Juan Carlos allegedly tried to demand a large sum of money from Corinna.

The money is linked to the mega-scandal that eventually forced Juan Carlos to leave his homeland. The suspicion from the beginning was that the king should have received the equivalent of 669 million kroner from the Saudi royal house without paying taxes. The money is said to have been transferred to an account in Geneva and then to Corinna’s account.

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King Juan Carlos in place – the TV viewers really upset

With that said, many expressed frustration and criticism if Juan Carlos were to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday.

And until the very end, it was unclear whether he would be there.

But when the official ceremony began at noon on Monday, King Juan Carlos was in attendance at Westminster Abbey. It is the same church in which she married her great love Prince Philip 75 years ago.

Juan Carlos sat behind the Swedish royal couple and right next to King Harald of Norway. He looked noticeably taken, especially given the short distance to Elizabeth’s coffin. Next to him sat his wife Sofia.

According to Daily Mail the Spanish authorities are said to have advised Juan Carlos not to attend due to the threats and the security situation.

But he is in place – something that really annoyed the TV viewers. Many believed that he should not have been there as a result of the scandals that followed each other.

“Disgusting behavior,” writes one viewer, suggesting he should have listened to the Spanish authorities.

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