Mallorca: Rental cars are so much cheaper over Easter

Mallorca: Rental cars are so much cheaper over Easter

Rental cars up to 30 percent cheaper at Easter

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Updated on 03/19/2023 – 12:38 p.mReading time: 33 min.

Rental cars in Mallorca: According to experts, cars could become cheaper again. (What: MiS/imago-images-bilder)

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The limited number of rental cars has led to an increase in prices in recent years. Two comparison portals now consider this trend to be over.

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++ Rental cars up to 30 percent cheaper at Easter (03/19/2023) ++

Rental car prices have risen sharply in Mallorca in recent years. The main reason for this was the poor ability to plan due to the corona pandemic. The car fleet was too small for the demand.

Due to the good forecasts for this year’s tourism on the island, car rental companies can start the season better prepared. A study by the comparison portal “Check24” came to the conclusion that the prices for rental cars at Easter in Spain are around 19 percent cheaper than in the previous year. While a rental car cost an average of EUR 54.06 per day last year, it is expected to rise to EUR 43.89 this year.

A comparison by the “” portal even assumes that prices have fallen by up to 30 percent compared to the previous year. The study assumes daily prices of 45 euros per day for this year, which roughly corresponds to the value of “Check24”. However, according to “”, rental cars cost an average of 65 euros per day in 2022, which explains the sharper price decline. However, a return to the prices before the pandemic (about 25 euros per day) is not realistic.

++ Parts of the medieval city wall uncovered (03/15/2023) ++

Parts of the medieval city wall were found during construction work on Palma’s Plaça d’Espanya. The work on the sewage system was accompanied from the start by archaeologists who had expected a discovery, as reported by the “Mallorca Zeitung”. In the Middle Ages, the Porta Pintada gate with its defensive towers and one of the bridges that gave access to the city were located directly under the Plaça d’Espanya.

The Councilor for Infrastructure, Angélica Pastor, has asked the technical director of the works to examine possibilities for a “historical trace” on Plaça d’Espanya. This is to preserve the remains and make them visible to visitors to the square in the future.

++ Cult pub is moving (03/14/2023) ++

The Argentinian cult restaurant “Bruselas” has moved from the center of Palma to the industrial area after 18 years. According to the “Mallorca Zeitung”, the old location in the Lonja district had to be abandoned for economic reasons. Owner José Luis Sánchez Cabezuda and his wife Andrea have found a new, larger location in the Son Castelló business park in the north of Palma.

++ Guardia Civil discovers injured cocks (03/13/2023) ++

Despite the ban, cockfights are still held on Mallorca. The Guardia Civil discovered two injured roosters in the trunk of a car during a check in Campos in the southeast of Mallorca on Monday. This is reported by the “Mallorca Zeitung”. An animal cruelty investigation was launched against the driver.

The police caught the man because he was behind the wheel with a bloodied shirt. In addition to the two injured animals, officers recovered two spurs rolled up in a handkerchief and a beak, which apparently came from another animal.

++ Temperature record on Mallorca (03/12/2023) ++

The weather is going crazy in Mallorca. After a storm swept across the Balearic Islands almost two weeks ago, bringing snow and devastation, it’s suddenly hot like summer. The weather station in Palma (Portopí) registered a temperature of 27.3 degrees on Saturday at 2 p.m. and according to the “Mallorca Zeitung” a new March record. The previous one was from 1981, when 26.6 degrees were measured in Palma.

The after-effects of the high temperatures during the day were also felt during the night on Sunday. Palma and Pollença recorded the first tropical night with a minimum temperature of 20 degrees. The Spanish weather service Aemet reports that temperatures in many places will hardly fall below 20 degrees again on Monday night.

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