Malou von Sivers roars at the guest live – after the strange behavior

Malou Von Sivers

Malou Von Sivers has done her last episode. But this interview is probably the strangest …

16 years have passed since Malou Von Sivers made the first episode of Malou after ten that was broadcast on TV4. It has been an immensely popular feature and a total of 1,650 episodes have been broadcast! Malou was celebrated with an anniversary program and received lots of flowers for her faithful service.

– I am deeply moved by all the comments. I will remain on TV4 and start with other programs, says Malou Von Sivers Expressen.

Malou von Sivers will therefore not retire. She instead gets a new program, a new variant of “Malou meets” which was previously broadcast on TV4.

Malou Von Sivers

Malou Von Sivers ends with Malou after ten.

BYRMO CAROLINA / Aftonbladet

In so many episodes, it is impossible to avoid any kind of gory situations.

Among other things, she had to endure a lot of criticism in 2019 when she chose to bring the host Anders Öfvergård into the studio when the rap artist Greekazo was there to tell about his music. But the conversation completely lost the red thread and the discussion was more about gang crime – where Greekazo looked very uncomfortable.

Steal the interview

But the question is whether or not the interview with star broker Fredrik Eklund from 2011 will take home first place.

Fredrik Eklund takes a selfie

Fredrik Eklund is a star broker.

Bravo TV / Courtesy Everett Collection

In the interview with Fredrik Eklund, who by the way is the brother of the podcaster and author Sigge Eklund, the star broker insists on answering in English when Malou asked questions. In the end, Malou had to speak out.

“No, now you can speak Swedish,” she says in the end.

Malou’s tone set Eklund completely and he exclaims: “Are you getting mad at me now”.

The clip with very popular on social media and the youtube clip has hundreds of thousands of views.

It is still unclear what will fill the broadcast time where Malou’s popular program has been in the past.

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