Maluma arrives with ‘Tsunami’, a collaboration with Arcangel and De La Ghetto

Juan Luis Londoño, better known as Maluma, premiered his new musical hit under the production and direction of his label Royalty Films Foto. Via @Maluma_Updates

The ancient artist Malumaconsidered an idol and benchmark of the urban genre, has surprised his followers with Tsunami, the most recent music video of the singer-songwriter, this time accompanied by world-class colleagues Arcangel and De La Ghetto.

The song is part of his latest album The Love and Sex Tape which has eight tracksand already has two videos published: little things from the USA Y wetting seats. Released on June 10, 2022, it is considered by critics to be the most urban in recent years, thanks to the use of the beat with which he established himself in his career.

Written by Juan Luis Londono Arias (Maluma), Edgar Barrera, Bryan Snaider Lezcano Chaverra, Kevin Mauricio Jiménez Londoño, Justin Quiles, René Cano, Rafael E. Castillo Torres and Austin Agustínesto, tsunami highlights with its letter the nocturnal, erotic and lustful style.

the most recent single It was made by the same artist’s music house, Royalty Films. It should be remembered that Maluma had already made his directorial debut in the video: Wet Seats. On this occasion and in collaboration with his musical colleagues Arcangel and De La Ghetto, a video of very opaque colors can be seen, with the color black of the three artists predominating. On the part of the accompanying women, party colors, shiny blacks, silk materials and urban dresses are appreciated.

Colombian music icon Maluma surprises the world with his new video clip Tsunami. The single is part of the record work The Love and Sex Tape

Under the direction of Juan Luis and César tees Pepper, the video was shot in the city of Miami, in which you can see a mansion that would be the ideal place to represent the context of the party, elegance, and music, in addition to the two most descriptive elements of the song: water and fire.

The Love and Sex Tape is the sixth album by the Colombian artist, after Daddy Juancho (2020), album that allowed him to be on tour and with which he reestablished musical contact with all his followers after the pandemic. So much was the success of his tour Papi Juancho Word Tour in European countries, especially in Spain, which offered a second presentation at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

The Papi Juancho Word Tour Teme recently concluded its second successful tour in Ibiza, Spain, other unforgettable presentations that it made in the Red Fury (colloquial name of Spain) were registered in Valencia, La Coruña, Murcia, Marbella. The affection shown by the artist’s charisma and professionalism could be seen reflected in other cities in countries such as Portugal and Italy.

Papi Juancho's most recent work has managed to get an important response, only on his Instagram profile, the prone video has gotten 136,242 likes.  Photo: Via Instagram @maluma
Papi Juancho’s most recent work has managed to get an important response, only on his Instagram profile, the prone video has gotten 136,242 likes. Photo: Via Instagram @maluma

Precisely, the next dates of the tour will be on American soil: Mexico on August 14 and 21 at the Baja Beach Fest. The opportunity in the United States will be on September 10 and will end in Peru on September 23.

Maluma has decided to be part of the growth of new talents and the creation of visual products, the goal is to support Latino creatives in the music industry, film, television, and commercials. The man from Antioquia wishes to continue directing and producing his future music video projects, this being a vision of his business project.

Under the Royalty Films label, Juan Luis works with creatives who are part of his El Arte De Los Sueños foundation, that is in charge of educating adolescents in a situation of vulnerability, being, knowing, and doing, through art. Another objective of Royalty is to produce different and unproduced stories and continue with visual innovation with young talent willing to get out of their comfort zone.


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