Man broke into holiday home – took a bath and slept in bed

A Florida man felt a little too much at home when he broke into a vacation home last week.

The police in Escambia, north of Florida, received a report about the break-in, and are writing theirs Facebook page that the man broke the glass on the veranda door to get into the empty house.

The man had not paid to rent the place – but still made very good use of it.

Leave more tracks

After the man got in, he took a bath in the bathtub, filled the trash can with trash, took a nap in the bedroom and made himself a good cup of coffee.

The man even forgot the coffee cup again out on the veranda.

– Let’s just say that he is not the type of criminal who tried to cover his tracks, the police write in their post and add:

– This is the wrong way to holiday.

According to the India Times, the man was gone when the police arrived at the holiday home, but later that day they received a report of an attempted burglary in the same area.

Looking for “Tony”

According to the newspaper The Miami Herald a woman reportedly told the police that a man pulled the door handle at her home.

When she asked what the man was doing, he replied that he was looking for “Tony” and left.

Later it became clear that this was the same man who had broken into the holiday home, as he had left several clues for the police.

The man has now been arrested for burglary and damage to property.

In 2020, an Australian man did another strange burglary. He entered a museum where he stole art and took several selfies with a dinosaur skeleton. See video of the incident below:

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