Man indicted for killing his own father

A man in his 30s is accused of killing his own father, and for causing bodily harm to his father’s wife, the police state in a press release.

The murder took place on Friday 4 March in the car park at the Vestkanten shopping center in Loddefjord. The next day, the accused man admitted to having killed his father.

The father was stabbed repeatedly in the head, neck and body, according to the indictment.

The family is of Turkish origin.

According to the indictment, a request will be made for a sentence on transfer to compulsory mental health care, the police write in the press release.

– I see no reason to go into what he has said. It is clear from the prosecution decision what he has done, and as we consider the defendant to be insane, we do not want to comment on exactly that, says first state prosecutor Eirik Stolt-Nielsen to TV 2.

The man in his 30s is also charged with bodily harm to his father’s wife.

– She was stabbed in the hand and had to get nine stitches and was kicked in the head, explains Stolt-Nielsen.

– Does the defendant have a history in psychiatry?

– Yes, he has.

The case will now be sent to Hordaland District Court for planning with a request that four days be set aside for the main hearing.

Correction: An earlier version of the article stated that the incident occurred on March 22, but the correct date is March 4.

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