Man who rushed to Elizabeth II’s coffin didn’t believe she was dead

Muhammad Khan reportedly sought to verify for himself that the queen was dead. He appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court,

The motivations of the man who threw himself on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II last Friday at Westminster Hall are becoming clearer. According to a hearing which took place in his presence on Tuesday at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, he does not believe in the death of the monarch and wanted to verify for himself.

Muhammad Khan, 28, was one of 250,000 people who lined up for hours between last Wednesday and Monday morning to gather in front of the coffin of the sovereign, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. Once in front of the catafalque, he rushed towards the queen’s remains and was quickly subdued by the guards. His fleeting intrusion had temporarily interrupted the television broadcast of the tributes. He had been arrested and heard by the police, and two charges were brought against him.

“The defendant expressed the idea that the queen is not dead and that he approached the coffin because he wanted to verify for himself,” said Luke Staton, the prosecutor for the hearing. of Tuesday, as reported by the Guardian. “He added, before the state funeral, that he was planning to go (to the funeral). He intended to write to the Royal Family and if they did not reply to him he intended to go to Windsor Castle, the Palace of Buckingham and Balmoral to try to talk to the Queen.”

“He believes Charles III had something to do with it”

If that failed, Muhammad Khan said he should have “trodden illegally in order to attempt to establish contact”, and that he would have done so “as long as he was alive.” The British media reports that he was not represented by a lawyer. He was released on condition that he remain in a psychiatric hospital until his next appearance on October 18.

After medical expertise, he was deemed unfit to take part in the legal process and was not questioned by the judge, who said:

“He’s still deluding himself, and thinks the queen isn’t dead. He believes Charles III had something to do with it and he might be going to Windsor Castle to pay his respects, but also because he still thinks she’s alive.”

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