Manager of Plaza Colonia on Diogo: “It’s all talked about”

Plaza Colonia is the current Uruguayan soccer champion who these days hopes that a formal offer will be crystallized from Chile for Diogo de Oliveira, 24-year-old Brazilian striker and team scorer. In conversation with La Tercera, they recognized contacts with Colo Colo and that they are waiting for the document to close the operation.

Asó explained by Roberto Chiqui Garcia, one of the club’s managers. “We have been talking with Colo Colo for days on the subject of Diogo de Oliveira. Everything has been discussed with the Chilean club to give up the striker, but we need the formality to close it. We only wait for the written offer of Colo Colo to cede to Diogo. We do not expect to sell it now, as has been said in other media. We want a loan with a purchase option for half the pass, “he assured El Deportivo.

According to the figures that are handled, the Uruguayan club expects to receive around 200 thousand dollars for the loan of the Brazilian attacker, which includes a purchase option of one million dollars for 50% of the economic rights.

“Those are, more or less, the figures that are being negotiated by Diogo. We want to keep half of the pass because he is a player with a lot of projection. Imagine he is 24 years old and has a promising future for both institutions. We ask for something logical, we are talking about one of our stars”, They complemented from the Uruguayan club.

Diogo de Oliveira approaches Colo Colo | Photo: capture

To end by saying that “For us as a club it would be a privilege to work with a club like Colo Colo, a giant in South America and one of the most important institutions in Chile”.

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