'Manatee' in continuous use

On Thursday, the “Seekuh” in Bregenz ensured seaweed-free harbors. The mowing boat is currently in continuous use.

Low water levels in Lake Constance and favorable conditions are currently making seaweed a real problem for boats and even bathers in and on Lake Constance. Children had already taken over the “weeding” on their own at the lido in Bregenz.

In addition, the “Seekuh”, the mowing boat of the Landesflussbauhof in Lustenau, could only be made afloat again yesterday Wednesday after a defect. Now, of course, the boat and its crew are in constant use in the fight against the rampant seaweed.

On Thursday it was the turn of Sporthafen Bregenz to be cleared of seaweed. The boat owners will thank the “sea cow”.

The “Seekuh” and her crew at work.

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