Manchester City: H?land on a mission

Harshly criticized after his failed match against Liverpool (1-3) last Saturday during the Community Shield, Erling Braut Hland intends to silence his critics. On the eve of the resumption of the Premier League, the Norwegian striker sought to reassure Manchester City supporters.

Hland wants to quickly reassure with Manchester City.

Erling Braut Hland (22) expected a better start with Manchester City. Established against Liverpool (1-3), last Saturday, during the Community Shield, the Norwegian striker, like all of his partners, went completely aside, distinguishing himself in particular with a monumental rat against the empty goal. An action that earned the rookie 60 million euros from fairly virulent comments on social networks. But to make the Viking doubt, it will take much more.

prove everything

Asked by Sky Sports, the former Borussia Dortmund player spoke about his imminent debut in the Premier League. The main interested party considers himself ready to shine even if he will seek to progress in the months to come. It’s about trying to enjoy the moment. People talk about what you did a year ago, but it’s the next game that counts. What can I improve? All. If you think I’m good at one thing, I can still improve warned the Scandinavian.

To justify his flattering reputation, the new number 9 of the English club relies on the advice of his coach. As a young player, playing for Pep Guardiola, playing for the best club in England, I have to keep developing and improving in a lot of things. That’s what I love about football, you can always grow, you can always improve at the game. continued the ex-gchette of Red Bull Salzburg.

Hland is hungry for goals

Some may take time to adapt, others get there straight away. For me, we’ll see. But I’m not worried. It’s the life of a footballer, you have to live with it said Hland, who hopes to find himself with his partners quickly. The chemistry on the pitch with the other players is something that will come. I don’t know if it will take weeks, months, but it is something that we will develop every day in training.

And to finish with a reassuring message for the supporters, long awaiting a world-class finisher at the forefront of the attack. I am a player who is hungry for goals, who gives 100% and who wants to win every game. These are simple things, but also very important , finished the young striker. See you on Sunday (5.30 p.m.) on the lawn of West Ham for his debut in the most competitive championship in the world.

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