Mandragora, for Juric there are no untouchables: with Lukic and Pobega it is always a ballot

For Napoli-Torino a lot will depend on the conditions of Pobega, but the first matches have said that Mandragora, for Juric, is not an essential owner

There are no happy loves, nothing is ever definitive for man. Ivan Juric, perhaps, he has read Aragon, because nothing is definitive for him and choosing to field this or that player is the result of pragmatism, not blind love. The technician estimates Rolando Mandragora, sees for him – as for other players in his squad – a good future, yet he does not necessarily give him a starting shirt. The Campania player plays from week to week with two accredited (and equally esteemed) competitors: Tommaso Escape e Sasa Lukic.

“Mandrake plus another” is no longer an axiom

This, the facts say. Which are very different from those first impressions of the summer: the Turin midfield will be Mandragora plus another, it was said. It didn’t happen that way. Of course, the 38 had space and was also a captain, waiting for Belotti’s return. But, for example, he stayed out of the eleven against Sassuolo e Venezia, not only by turn-over but by choice. Juric wants to reserve the right to decide game by game who is the most suitable among the three. In Naples it could be the infirmary to address him, given that Pobega had to deal with a problem with his flexors during this stop, even if it is not certain that he will not recover in time.

Juric spoke thus of the training choices

The Ivan-thought can be read clearly in the press conference before the derby against Juventus. He answered precisely to a question about Mandragora: “When I make choices, I make them on a technical basis. When I read the reviews on the players I often find that they are different from mine. When I make a choice of training it is not because I see someone training badly or well, but I have always made technical choices “. There are no happy loves, but for the two of us there is our love: to be confirmed from game to game.

Rolando Mandragora

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