Mandragora’s agent: “Rolando convinced Juric. Offers from Naples? No”

Rolando Mandragora’s prosecutor, Luca De Simone, gave an interview to the microphones of Radio Marte

Sunday’s match at the “Diego Armando Maradona” stadium will be a game with a particular flavor for Rolando Mandragora, pivot of the midfield of the Torino who, however, was born and raised in Naples. “Like every year, the thrill of joining Maradona will take him in the first few seconds, then he will do his job as a protagonist for Torino as it should be” explained his attorney, Luca De Simone, in an interview with the microphones of Radio Marte.

Mandragora’s agent: “Juric makes intensity his mantra”

The agent of the number 38 grenade then spoke about the relationship between Mandragora and Juric: “Did you play as captain for Torino? Rolando often, in his teams or in the Under Nationals, has always been a mental leader. He comes from the Under 21 team where he was captain with Di Biagio. It is well liked. It must be said that when he became the captain there were important absentees such as Belotti, Ansaldi. But he is certainly a guy who knows how to make himself loved, both in the locker room and by the fans. He evidently convinced Juric in his leadership. It is easy for me to say but when he changes teams he is often placed among the first for leadership and this is a point in his favor “.

Then, again on the relationship between the midfielder and the coach: “Particular things did not emerge in the dialogues with Rolando. The preparation was very hard, Juric works a lot on the loads. It demands a lot from a physical point of view, there are no breaks, there are no less intense work days, Juric makes intensity his mantra. The players in training, as far as I know, feel this. The intensity is always present in Juric’s teams and I believe there will also be on the part of Torino ”.

Transfer market Turin: no offer from Napoli for Mandragora “

Finally, De Simone denied the rumors regarding possible Napoli offers for Mandragora: “Naples on Mandragora? We have never received any official phone call from Napoli. I have never even been told that Napoli has made polls with the clubs that held his card “.

Rolando Mandragora

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