Mandrake, the Bull still deals: but the risk of losing him is high

Calciomercato Torino / The expiry date for the right of redemption has passed, the grenades try again but risk losing Mandragora

Now Torino really risks losing Rolando Mandrake. After the redemption obligation of 9 million did not come into force, the date after which the redemption right set at 14 million would no longer be valid. The grenades have long tried to negotiate with the Juventus club to get a lower price. Even the grenade company tried to snatch the player from Juventus for less than 9 million euros. Naturally, the bianconeri did not want to deprive themselves so easily of a player of that quality. Furthermore, the Juventus management knew that other teams were also interested in the Italian midfielder. Among these teams, which are probably willing to offer more than the granata have done up to now, are Fiorentina and Roma. Toro will continue to negotiate with the other Turin team – even trying to get to the amount requested by Juve, but going through a new loan – but now that the other teams can join and deal with Juventus, the chances of losing the midfielder are increasingly concrete.

Torino tries, but now everything is more complicated

Technical player, with great skills in dribbling and in finding the tip even with extremely precise long balls. For most of the season Mandragora was the metronome of the grenade midfield, flanked by Lukic who instead had the task of recovering balls, running, marking and even setting. Juric seemed to have found the square with Mandragora and Lukic in midfield, the right balance between attack and defense, but now that Mandragora is further and further away, a new solution must be found.

A player very similar to the number 38 is already at the disposal of the Croatian coach. We are obviously talking about Samuele Ricci, who arrived in the January market and fit in well with the group, changing his way of playing. Since he arrived he has worked hard, climbing Juric’s hierarchy and increasing his playing time, also thanks to Mandragora’s injuries. So if the Bull fails to buy the number 38 he could easily replace it with Ricci, but it won’t be enough.

Rolando Mandragora

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