Mandy Capristo cuts her hair and now looks confusingly similar to Hollywood’s man’s dream

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From: Jennifer Kuhn

Singer Mandy Capristo publishes a selfie of herself on the social media platform Instagram
Singer Mandy Capristo published a selfie on the social media platform Instagram ©

Singer Mandy Capristo has a new hairstyle – they have never seen their fans like this. Her followers love the new look and even compare her to J.Lo.

Berlin – Singer and DSDS juror Mandy Capristo prefers to keep her private life in the background. But if there is something to tell, she likes to publish it herself on the social media platform Instagram. There regularly gives a few small insights into their everyday life. Whether it’s a recording in the recording studio, a snapshot from the red carpets or a picture with their new love. The 31-year-old also showed herself on Instagram with her new boyfriend – and her fans were very happy for the singer. But now Mandy Capristo showed himself from a completely different side – or in a completely different look. She cut her hair! But how did your fans react to the new style?

Mandy Capristo surprises fans with a new look: the singer is compared to Jennifer Lopez

Your new haircut definitely creates a stir – but in a good way. She published a new video on Instagram with a sound (“Makalydid”) that is currently trending on TikTok. “I did it,” commented the former “Monrose” singer on her video. In the clip, she first showed herself with her long hair – and later with shorter hair and a new hairstyle. The reactions of their fans are clear – they celebrate it. Even compare Mandy Capristo with Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez. “Mega! Thought for a moment, this is J.Lo! Looks really, really good! “, Commented a follower. “That looks really great! Congratulations on this decision! “, So another user. The video got almost 6000 likes within a few hours. Top style! But it’s not the only post that her followers are happy about – because the singer published a video that her fans reminisce about.

Mandy Capristo publishes Monrose review: “With you it was the most beautiful youth”

Exactly 15 years ago the band “Monrose” was founded in the successful TV show “Popstars”. Senna Gammour, Bahar Kizil and Mandy Capristo were selected by the jury and the callers at the time and are still among the most successful girl groups in Germany.

With “Shame” they shot straight to the top of the German charts. In her video she shared her thoughts publicly: “Exactly 15 years ago, when I was just 16 years old, you changed the lives of the girls and the life of me. For half of my life we ​​walk this path together. And there isn’t 1 day when I’m not grateful for the evening when a nation called for me and believed in me more than I did in my little heart. Since that day we have grown up together. It may have been an intense time, but with you it was the most beautiful youth that could have been given to me, ”said the singer. So 15 years have passed – in 2011 the band separated for good: “And thank you for all the love you gave Monrose. I will treasure you forever. Happy 15th anniversary, Monrose. Your Mandy ”. Even if many fans want a “Monrose” comeback, there will probably not be a reunion of the three women for the time being.

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