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The Cäcilia concert by the Sonnenberger Harmoniemusik Nüziders turned into a circus magic show of superlatives.

The Sonnenberg Hall was filled to the very last seat when the youth band of the Sonnenberger Harmoniemusik Nüziders took their place on the stage. With their conductor Lisa-Maria Frei, the young musicians enchanted the concert audience with the pieces “Bravissimo” and “From Disney’s Animated Feature Frozen Let it Go”. Julia Domig presented herself as a young soloist on the flugelhorn. The 45 up-and-coming musicians made the audience happy with the encore, because they performed the piece “Glück” by the Fäaschtbänkler. Afterwards they made room for their “big” colleagues, whereby the space on the stage was really tight. Conducted by Kapellmeister Helmut Schuler, the 70 musicians opened this year’s Cecilia Concert with the overture “Fiesta Val”, a powerful prelude with melodic parts.

During the “Entry of the Gladiators” the audience was carried away by the brass band music of the Nüzig musicians. “Suite from The Greatest Showman” – here the saxophones were in charge, they were skilfully accompanied by their music colleagues in the various movements. Solo tones of the clarinet and flute led to the piece of music “In the Center Ring” before the official program ended with the highlights from Riverdance. This piece of music demanded the utmost concentration from all registers, powerful interjections by the percussion troupe, a soulful marimba solo and a homogeneous body of sound also convinced the concert-goers in the final piece, who applauded thunderously. With the encores “Slanted” and “Circus around the world” and brilliant musicians, the Sonnenberger Harmoniemusik Nüziders said goodbye with their conductor Helmut Schuler and chairman Markus Comploj.

Thiemo Dalpra – the wordless emcee – provided pantomime interludes and many a laugh in the hall. A very successful project to create a Cecilia concert in a different way. On the occasion of this concert, Laura Burtscher, Emilia Carotta, Sophia Dietrich, Elina Holdermann, Emilia Kirisits, Lisa Sparr, Julia Kurzmann, Teres Piccolruaz, Fabian Bischof and Julia Domig were welcomed to the great music. Mayor Peter Neier, member of the state parliament Christoph Thoma and Harald Witwer, as well as pastor Karl Bleiberschnig and the representatives of the brass band association, district chairman Paul Dünser and district music director Martin Pfeffer congratulated the great concert.

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