Manes differed from the PRO and said that Milei’s ideas are "irresponsible"

In the midst of the internal opposition, to find a candidate for 2023, the radical deputy Facundo Manes once again signed up for that list. And he did it, among other things, differentiating himself from his PRO allies who claim the figure of the controversial Javier Milei.

In this framework, he marked a strong limit and considered Milei’s proposal on the sale of organs “crazy”. “I find it irresponsible,” she said.
In the Casi Patriotas program, the neurosurgeon supported the line adopted by the Radical Civic Union. “I differ in almost everything with him. I have differences in many things, ”he expressed. However, he added: “he marks an anger that needs to be paid attention to.”

Manes rejected the proposal for the sale of organs, which Milei considered as “another market”. “I think it is irresponsible, nonsense,” she stressed.

“I want to reassure the people of Incucai that they are doing an excellent job, and also the thousands of patients who are waiting for an organ, and tell them that this is not going to happen. That is not freedom, it is privilege. That someone with money can buy someone’s organ is that, ”she said.

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