Manfred, 69, in Vidsel has to drive seven kilometers for mobile coverage: “Investigated for heart problems”

For a long time, Telia’s network has been down a little from time to time in Vidsel. Explanations that the frustrated villagers have received include broken cables, operational disruptions and bad weather.

Manfred Merten wants to see a long-term solution and believes that Telia should set up a mobile tower.

– You shouldn’t have to drive several kilometers to be able to call your loved ones, he says to SVT.

“Under investigation for heart problems”

He has called and mentioned this to Telia several times. On a bad day, a phone call requires a seven-kilometer car ride or walk towards Tväråsel, where it is possible to come into contact with a mobile mast in a parking lot.

– There are many residents in Vidsel who are older and if the accident were to happen, it just has to work to be able to call 112. I myself am almost 70 years old and am being investigated for heart problems, says Manfred Merten.

Roija Rafil, press officer at Telia, responds to the criticism in the clip below and she says, among other things:

– Since last week, we have started replacing the technology so that there will be better capacity and less worries.

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In the clip, Roija Rafil, press officer at Telia, responds to the villagers’ criticism of mobile phone coverage in Vidsel. Photo: Jimmy Bäckström/SVT

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