Manolo Forte, a musician who never forgets his roots

The Star Show special program from the Reconquest Rural Expo 2022 had -as is tradition- its time to listen to beautiful songs.

This time, the guest musician was Manolo Forte. The renowned singer-songwriter, with a long history in folklore, said that he did the impossible to be present on the program. “And thank God he had the guitar in the trunk of the car and I wanted to come,” he blurted out between laughs.

With his unique voice and an instrument that he plays by heart, Manolo delighted the listeners of the program Star Show, which is broadcast on Cadena OH!, with Some songs.

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He made a tour of historical themes, such as the one dedicated to the city of Reconquista, written in 1976 together with the group “Cuatro para el folclore”, called “Portrait of my pearl”.

He also sang an unreleased song of his own that amazed those present. The closure was pure chacarerawith claps and a traditional “hoop, hoop, hoop.”

Also listen to the full note

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