Manufacturer wanted: Summer uniform: Police in North Rhine-Westphalia go on patrol in a polo shirt

The State Office for Central Police Services is looking for a manufacturer. First, 50 police officers in Bochum are to test polo shirt prototypes.

Many would disagree about that police officers in North Rhine-Westphalia are already looking forward to these summery days: In the future they will be equipped with polo shirts. They should become part of the state police uniform, as a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior confirmed when asked by dpa. Initially, 50 police officers should prototype the polo shirts Wear it to the test – when used in Bochum.

Test also at the Bochum police: Up to 500,000 polo shirts are to be delivered

The State Office for Central Police Services is currently looking for a manufacturer. The polo shirts are to be tested at the Bochum police under operating conditions. Among other things, it should be checked how quickly the shirts sweat through and how they look after washing. A spokesman for the Bochum police confirmed the project to this editorial office: “Yes, we are a pilot authority and are currently in the planning phase.” The shirts would probably be tested in the security and exchange service of the Bochum police, the spokesman said. The authority does not currently have any more information.

According to the German Press Agency, a delivery of up to 500,000 polo shirts is planned in four years. The shirts are to be delivered as a version for men and women, two-tone with the lettering “Polizee” on the chest and the state coat of arms on the sleeve. There is a Velcro fastener for the epaulettes. According to the Ministry of the Interior, the final contract for a provider is not planned until the middle of next year. “It is currently not possible to realistically predict when the polo shirts will finally be issued,” said the Ministry of the Interior.

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