Many 16-17-year-olds want to get vaccinated – every fourth person in the county has already booked an appointment

Since Monday, August 9, young people between the ages of 16 and 17 have been able to make an appointment for vaccination against covid-19. Until the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, 16,220 out of a total of 65,000 people had booked an appointment, which is one in four young people in that age group.

“We see that there is a great deal of interest, judging from these two days that the booking has been open to this group. It is important that as many as possible start their vaccination before school starts “, writes Aynur Isayeva, at Region Stockholm’s press department in an email.

In the video below, you hear the young people’s opinions about the vaccination and that minors either need to undergo a maturity test or have the parents’ consent to receive the vaccine.

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Now young people can get vaccinated, but how do you think about both parents giving their permission? SVT went out on the town and met, among others, Selma Pohjola den Dulk and Ebba Kindström. Photo: Tommy Bergman / SVT

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