"Many men make themselves look younger"

Nina Hartmann spoke in “Vorarlberg LIVE” about her new film and dating apps.

She likes to describe herself as the “funniest Tyrolean since Hansi Hinterseer”. Today, Friday (9 p.m.) her new film “Match Me If You Can” can be seen in the open-air cinema at the Poolbar Festival. On September 30th she celebrates the Vorarlberg premiere with her fifth cabaret solo program “Endlich Hausfrau”. Nina Hartmann (40) was a guest on the Vorarlberg LIVE show on Thursday.

“Match Me If You Can” is about two love seekers – Lisa (Nina Hartmann) and Martin (Olivier Lendl) – who strike a perfect match on the dating app Tinder, but don’t recognize each other on their first date at a bar because both of them lied about their profile photo. The Tyrolean plays the leading role, wrote the screenplay and is co-director. Does the film also have autobiographical features? “Of course, when I first discovered Tinder at Freund, I did some research,” she notes Ex-girlfriend of cabaret artist Michael Niavarani with a smile. But she also invented a lot. It was noticeable that many men make themselves look younger. One of her Tinder dates said he was 1.84 meters tall, but in fact he was just above her navel.

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