Many people do this wrong with T-shirts, sweaters and pants

Many people do this wrong with T-shirts, sweaters and pants

T-shirts, sweaters and trousers: If you like things to be organized, you can fold your clothes or hang them on a hanger. But that could damage the textiles.

The most important things at a glance

To keep your closet tidy, it makes sense to fold items of clothing together or hang them on hangers. It’s not always the best choice. There are habits that can wear out or permanently damage the fibers of the textiles.

clothes deform

Some fashion labels give their customers the clothes hangers when they buy their clothes. However, these are not always ideal for storing the textiles. Metal hangers, for example, are unsuitable for heavy textiles such as cardigans or jackets. The shoulder areas can deform as a result. Wooden hangers are better suited for this. Lighter textiles such as airy summer dresses or tops can be hung up on plastic hangers.

Clothing wears out

Not all textiles are suitable for hanging. Pullovers and sweatshirts, but also T-shirts, can wear out with this type of storage. It is better to keep these items of clothing neatly folded in the closet.

Unwanted trouser creases

Stubborn creases on the trouser leg can be particularly annoying when it comes to trousers. They are easy to create by folding the textiles together and stacking them in the closet. Although a pair of trousers weighs relatively little, a lot of weight is placed on the bottom pieces in a stack of trousers. The creases can therefore really increase and cannot be removed by simply shaking out. It is therefore better to hang the trousers on a trouser hanger.

Musty smell

When you open your closet or pull an item of clothing out of the back corner, does it smell slightly musty? This may be because you are storing the garments too close together. If the closet is too crowded, air cannot circulate. It is better to leave some space between each stack – this also makes it easier to remove.

By the way: There should also be enough space for hanging textiles so that the air can circulate here.

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