"Many times I came home crying after games"

If there is a moment that every Colo Colo fan wants to erase, or at least never live again, it is the fight not to be relegated from the 2020 season, which had us with a defining match against Universidad de Concepción.

One of the most criticized of that championship was Gabriel Suazo, who had to put his chest to the bullets many times. Today the situation is different and he is the captain of the Cacique. In conversation with El Deportivo de La Tercera he narrated that stormy year.

“It is the hardest, but at the same time it is where I have learned the most in my career. One of the most important achievements I have had in my life, not only professional, but also daily, was having overcome that adversity that we all had. We suffered a lot. Not only us, but our families. Many times I came home crying after the games, and my family was there, holding me back, supporting me “, he detailed.

He further added that, “So, these are situations that many times the fans do not realize and some believe that we play for money. We are people and we suffer and that is why I never threw the poto for the blackberries, as they say in good Chilean”.

Gabriel Suazo and his 2020

The captain sentenced with the following. “I always wanted to contribute, and every time I had to be at a press conference, I said that I was proud to be here, supporting and contributing what I could to get Colo Colo out of that situation. And that is what I try to show not so only in good times, like now, but also in bad times, how we had to live “, ended.

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