Mapuche conflict: two men were arrested for the crime of Elías Garay

Two men were arrested in Chubut for the murder of Elías Garay, the young Mapuche murdered in a property in dispute in the Cuesta del Ternero area of ​​Río Negro.

The first suspect was arrested yesterday morning in the town of Esquel, in an operation carried out by the Investigation Brigade of the Rionegrina Police, reported the Río Negro Public Prosecutor’s Office. The other turned himself into a police unit in Comodoro Rivadavia, where he was detained. He had an arrest warrant.

Both are also accused of injuries to Gonzalo Cabrera, another young man who was at the scene and who was shot in the chest.

The second detainee, meanwhile, will be transferred to Bariloche, where the charge formulation hearing will take place in the next 48 hours.

The two men were identified from testimonial statements that were taken Sunday night and throughout Monday.

The denunciation of the family of Elías

Daniela and Claudia, two of Elías’s sisters, denounced that the Mapuche responsible for the Lof Quemquemtreu community “negotiated” with their brother’s body.

Elías’s family did not know that he was there, and they found out about his death through Facebook. Upon learning, another brother of the young man went to the intake and had to wait several hours to be able to remove the body.

“The body was held there for 27 hours so that the police checkpoints were taken out, because otherwise they were not going to let them enter to remove the body,” they said. “They hampered the investigation, willing it or not,” they added.

“We know that Elías was killed. Then they kept his body there and that’s what hurts us”

On the other hand, they said that 52 days ago their brother began to bond with the Lof Quemquemtreu community and that they did not know anything about this situation. “We are not of Mapuche origin nor do we belong to any type of Mapuche community,” they indicated.

María Garay’s letter

María, another of Elías’s sisters, posted a letter on Facebook and targeted that community. “They are going to continue using it for politics.”

“My brother died for a cause that he took in his own flesh as if he were the one who needed a piece of land. He blew himself up for and to help these people who use the most needy.”

“These people negotiated with my brother’s body, they used it until the last minute for their convenience,” he denounced, in line with what his brothers said, and pointed out: “That is why here in Jacobacci we are not going to ask for justice !! If we don’t know who killed him. “

“We do not know if the community killed him so that he would not tell how those people live, how the referents use them to obtain profit !!!”

And he continued: “I have never heard that one of their chiefs is killed, those who enter to share their struggle and make it their own always pay with their lives because they see how a child goes hungry inside and outside their Mapuche referents move in a vehicle in the best way”.

“Today they are going to use it one more time and this time to grab onto my mother’s last name, to say that my brother was Mapuche, and they are going to continue using it to do politics. That is why today, those of their blood are NOT going to go out to the street. WE WANT JUSTICE, BUT WE WILL REQUEST IT OUR WAY “.

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