Marathon surgery survived: DSDS legend Dieter Bohlen reports from the hospital

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Of: Catherine Kuepper

Dieter Bohlen is a brand in its own right – no one would argue with that. Even in the hospital after an operation, he doesn’t lose his grin.

Germany – vacation, business, family life: Dieter Bohlen likes to show his fans the beautiful sides of his life on Instagram. But even in the event of supposed setbacks, he doesn’t hesitate to share them with his broader community.

person Dieter Bohlen
Born February 7, 1954 (age 68), Berne
spouse Carina Walz (2006–)

Dieter Bohlen in the hospital: 5 hours of surgery after the accident

This includes his stay in the hospital recently. His current post on Instagram is a video showing two photos. One shows the pop titan with a surgical cap on his head, a peace sign in front of the camera and his toothpaste smile on his face. Dieter Bohlen is unmistakably in the hospital, as reported by RUHR24 (more celebrity news at RUHR24).

With the other, the 68-year-old is sitting on a step, his left leg is in plaster. He writes “Sport is murder” – accompanied by a smiley crying with laughter. But what happened?

Dieter Bohlen on Instagram: surgery on the left leg after a tennis accident

Dieter Bohlen explains this in the background: “It only happens to me. First broken right leg. Now broken left leg. It happened in tennis. twisted ankle broken meniscus.”

But that’s not all. Apparently it was a flash operation. Because, as Dieter Bohlen further reveals, he is back on his feet shortly after the operation – albeit more badly than right: “And now – five hours later – I’m really fit again.”

Dieter Bohlen posts videos after surgery on Instagram: Also after a sled accident and ear surgery

It’s not the first time he’s hurt. The pop titan broke his right leg while sledding. With the usual toothpaste grin, he joked on Instagram at the time: “I ran over my own foot. The toes were suddenly behind.”

Also in September 2021 he published a hospital video of himself after an ear operation. As a gag he wrote: “After 18 years of casting, the ears have to be cleaned.” A small one Swipe Dieter Bohlens after his DSDS-Aus.

It seems Dieter Bohlen has to be careful not only to become a permanent guest on the beach, but also in the hospital. At least on his Instagram feed, the videos of the ailing ex-DSDS judge are piling up. There’s just one thing he doesn’t lose: his (self-)humor.

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