Marc Cain pays 3,000 euros inflation bonus to employees

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Marc Cain pays 3,000 euros inflation bonus to employees


First Corona, then war, now inflation. Today is characterized by crises and presents people with great challenges. The premium label Marc Cain therefore supports its employees with an inflation compensation bonus of up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. Marc Cain thus uses the full amount of the special bonus that was initiated by the federal government.

“The well-being of my employees is important to me, which is why financial help is a matter of course for me in these persistently difficult times. In order to ensure relief this year, it is also very important to me to pay out part of the bonus in December.” , explains Helmut Schlotterer, CEO, founder & owner.

The Marc Cain employees will receive 1,500 euros as financial support with the payroll in December and another 1,500 euros with the March payroll next year, i.e. the maximum possible total of 3,000 euros. This sum benefits the employees gross for net, i.e. the amounts are paid out in full, without any deductions such as taxes or social security contributions. The amount is adjusted based on weekly working hours and any part-time work, not seniority. This means that employees who were only hired later this year also receive the bonus. Because Marc Cain does not see the bonus as a past achievement, but as support for the coming time.

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